Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March 28, 2009 - Therapeutic Arts

Wade Richards is the Chair and Internship Director at the Hochstein School of Music & Dance in Rochester, New York. Hochstein is a community music school established in 1920 and the music therapy department was created in 1975 to service those with special needs in the community. Over the years the department has grown to serve up to 1,000 clients annually in both private and group therapy settings. Wade is a licenced creative arts therapist with additional training in neurologic music therapy and Performance Wellness. Wade also chaired the Orff-Schulwerk program at Hochstein for a number of years and completed his level training at Eastman School of Music, University of Kentucky, and Arizona State University.

Recently Wade is the founder and executive director of the Therapeutic Arts Program at Hochstein. This transitional day program for ages 21-30 combines the creative art therapies and vocational skill training into one comprehensive program for students with special needs. Join us Saturday as we talk about the Therapeutic Arts Program with Wade Richards.

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